41PCC’s High Risk Obstetrics Clinic provides treatment for pregnant adults who use heroin, alcohol, or opioid prescription medications. PCC identifies substance use disorders as a chronic disease that must be managed over a patient’s lifetime. Therefore, we treat without judgment and use a harm-reduction approach to best improve the health of the mother and child.

PCC uses a team-based approach to treatment, including medical, behavioral health, and care management support for the opiate dependent patient. Pregnant patients will come to the office for regular prenatal care, including ultrasound. Throughout the pregnancy, the patient will also receive medication-assisted treatment with buprenorphine, a prescription medication. PCC's family medicine physicians provide medical care while our behavioral health consultants offer group and individual counseling. Care coordinators are also available to help patients with appointments, specialists, referrals, and other needs. Mothers will deliver their babies with a PCC physician at West Suburban Medical Center. 

After the delivery, patients can continue to receive substance use treatment at PCC. Newborns and parents can continue with primary care as well, if they would like. 




High Risk Obstetrics Clinic

Located inside PCC Walk-In Wellness Center at West Suburban Medical Center
3 Erie Court, Suite 1300
Oak Park, IL 60302
Phone: 708-406-3929

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