Comprehensive primary care produces better health outcomes among patients and lowers health care costs. PCC offers a wide range of primary care services to patients of all ages, and no one is denied services because of inability to pay. PCC accepts many major health plans, Medicaid, Medicare, as well as offers a sliding fee discount program for patients who do not have insurance.

 Services Provided:

  • Pediatric and adolescent care, including wellchild exams, immunizations, lead screening, and school physicals
  • Women’s care, including pap and breast screenings and birth control
  • Maternal/child care, including prenatal and postnatal care
  • Adult and senior care, including disease screening, treatment, and prevention
  • HIV screening, counseling, and treatment
  • Behavioral health services, including a Chemical Dependency Clinic
  • Dental care and referrals
  • In-patient care at West Suburban Medical Center, Westlake Hospital, Norwegian American Hospital, and Loretto Hospital
  • Labor and delivery in the hospital or Birth Center at PCC


Medical Home

PCC operates as a medical home, wherein we offer comprehensive primary care with the integration of behavioral health and oral health care in order to address the many elements of individual health. These services are offered conveniently within one network, and in some cases, one facility. By providing these services directly and in a coordinated fashion, patients benefit from a high level of care continuity while facing fewer barriers. These additional support services are not an afterthought, but rather essential elements of accomplishing good health.

PCC currently operates eight traditional continuity sites that provide full-spectrum primary care for men, women, children, and older adults. We also operate one OB/GYN clinic, one clinic in a homeless respite shelter, and two Walk-In Wellness Centers.

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Finding a Primary Care Provider

A primary care provider (PCP) is a health care provider who sees people with common medical problems. Our PCPs are family medicine physicians and advanced practice nurses. They care for patients of all ages, including children, adolescents, adults, and older adults. We also have pediatricians who provide medical care for pediatric patients.

Selecting a PCP is a very important step for your health care. A PCP can give you a trusting, ongoing relationship with one health care professional and their care team. Because a PCP looks at your whole health, they work as a part of a team that coordinates your care across many settings.

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Community Networks

PCC partners with four community hospitals – West Suburban Medical Center, Westlake Hospital, Norwegian American Hospital, and Loretto Hospital – and one Chicago Public School, Steinmetz College Prep High School. PCC also collaborates with social service agencies to create pathways into care, exchange information, identify community challenges, and increase access to care.

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