PCC Group Visit Staff CompressedDiabetes is a chronic disease that affects many of our community members. Many people can learn ways to feel at their best while improving their diabetes symptoms. This might include managing what you eat, exercising, and coming in for regular health care appointments. Our staff can help answer your questions about living with diabetes.

PCC’s certified diabetes educator (CDE) – a bilingual registered nurse – meets with patients one-on-one to help them understand and manage their condition. She shares information on the proper use of insulin therapies; medications; and the importance of healthy eating, physical activity, and monitoring the condition. She can also help patients develop a plan to improve their health and reduce the risk of complications.

You can also visit the PCC Austin Farm for fresh, local produce. Ask our staff for some great recipe ideas that will make cooking with greens more interesting!

Talk to your primary care provider about extra support for diabetes.