PCC envisions a future in which community members enjoy optimal health and wellness; therefore, we support activities that promote healthy lifestyles to complement medical care. PCC established an urban farm in 2014 to provide access to healthy foods and to share a beatiful space to participate in physical activity.

PCC Austin Farm

Located next to PCC Austin Family Health Center
330 North Lotus Avenue
Chicago, IL 60644
Phone: 773-413-1240


PCC Austin Farm

PCC purchased eight thousand square feet of vacant land in 2012 with the intention of someday creating a space to promote health and wellness. Through collaboration with the Chicago Botanic Garden, PCC realized this dream; the vacant lot was transformed into a quarter-acre community farm. The farm showcases local and sustainable food production practices while providing training and employment opportunities for participants. The Chicago Botanic Garden’s expertise in horticulture—demonstrated through its thriving urban agriculture program, Windy City Harvest—contributes significantly to PCC’s farm.


Opportunities on the farm include:

  • eating healthy foods (find out more about the PCC Austin Farm Stand)
  • physical activity (find out how to volunteer at the PCC Austin Farm)
  • nutrition education
  • gardening and cooking education
  • enjoying nature
  • building friendships


Humana Communities Benefit

This farm was made possible by a Humana Communities Benefit grant from the Humana Foundation. Humana Communities Benefit (HCB) is a charitable-giving program, funded by the Humana Foundation, that awards a $350,000 signature grant over a three year period to a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. The grant is intended to improve community health and well-being, and have a transformational, lasting impact on its residents. In 2014, the Humana Foundation awarded the Chicago market grant to PCC Community Wellness Center. The funding was used to establish our community farm in an eight-thousand square-foot lot across the street from the PCC Austin Family Health Center. We are grateful to our friends at Humana and the Humana Foundation who frequently drop by the farm to volunteer!